How to factory reset iphone 4s without password

Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode or iTunes. If your iPhone is disabled or locked after entering a wrong password many times and it is unable to reset your iPhone with iTunes, then you can try a professional iPhone factory reset tool - FonePaw iOS System Recovery. FonePaw iOS System Recovery can help you factory reset iPhone and fix lots of

How Do I Factory Reset My iPhone without Passcode?

Three Ways to Hard Reset iPhone with or without …

Reset iPhone without Apple ID [Ultimate Guide]- … Part 6: How to reset iPhone without Apple ID when Find My iPhone is off If you want to reset your iPhone without having to enter your Apple ID when your 'Find My iPhone' feature is also turned off, you can do so by entering the Recovery mode. This mode allows you to completely reset your iOS device without entering the Apple ID. Solved: How to Factory Reset iPhone/iPad without … Factory Reset iPhone without Apple ID or Password using AppleiPhoneUnlock. First, we recommend looking into AppleiPhoneUnlock, a reputable service which removes iCloud accounts from iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch and allows you to reset your iPhone with no problem even when you forgot the Apple ID password. Sure, you’ll have to pay a small fee, but this pales in comparison to how effectively … 5 SOLUTIONS TO FACTORY RESET IPHONE …

If your iPhone is frozen, unresponsive, stuck in a booting loop or became sluggish, you can try resetting your iPhone to its factory settings (known as hard-reset) — the way it was when you took it out of the box. In this tutorial we'll show you 3 ways to reset an iPhone. The procedure requires no third-party tools or specialist knowledge. How To Factory Reset iPhone Without a Password - … Now you know how to factory reset iPhone without a password. If you want to factory reset your phone, you must keep your phone backup data. For that, I will not lose your data after factory reset your iPhone. Frank Edward. Many people are so afraid of making mistakes that they never do anything. Instead, people stick to a life that is wrong where they can repeat boring tasks. Reader Factory Reset iphone without Password – Ultimate … Today we will be discussing and sharing Steps on How to Factory reset iphone without password. So in Case you have forgot your password. Or you just bought an iphone from someone but its password protected. Or May it be any reason you want to factory reset your iphone and don’t know the password, You are at the right place. Before we proceed with steps to tackle with this issue, you need to

How to reset iPhone without password - iPhone … How to reset iPhone without password, how to reset iPhone password if forgotten, iPhone factory reset without password. If you’ve never synced with iTunes or set up Find My iPhone in iCloud, you’ll need to use recovery mode to restore your device. This will erase the device and its passcode. How to reset an iPhone 4s to factory settings … I bought an iPhone 4s off a girl a few days ago, turns out it's activated under an apple ID and she doesn't remember the email or password… I can't even get onto the home screen to press settings or anything, after I Sign into my Wi-Fi the next page says " Activate phone. This phone is linked to an apple I d. Enter the ID and password that were used to set up this phone" I hope there's a way What to do before you sell, give away, or trade in …

18 Oct 2019 If you forgot your passcode, however, you'll find it desperately hard to get back into the locked iPhone and perform a factory reset. Don't despair.

27 Jan 2020 Returning an iOS device to factory settings will fix many problems, and is essential if you're selling it. We explain how to wipe and reset an iPhone or iPad. You'll need to enter your Apple ID password to confirm the action. anything back when it's been fully erased and reset without access to a backup. Factory reset is a useful function that exists on all smartphone and tablet. But you have to input the right Apple ID and password if you chose to reset it with the   If you own an iPhone and you want to restore it to factory setting, the process is easy and you do not Without iOS 5, and you still wish to reset or delete your iPhone settings, it is still possible. How can i reformat iphone 4s hi im trying to reset my iphone 4 i did all the steps but its still asking for a password but i dont have  6 May 2020 Discover how to unlock iPhone without passcode ✯ Save your data & pictures 3G: up to iOS 3; 3GS: up to iOS 6; 4: up to iOS 7; 4S: up to iOS 9; 5: up to iOS It will then reboot and iTunes will say the device is reset to factory  23 Feb 2019 This is like performing a factory reset on the iPhone using iTunes. Your iPhone will be wiped and it will reinstall the latest operating system. When 

6 Dec 2019 In any case, knowing how to reset your iPhone (even without a password) will make it feel like it's fresh out of the box. Unlike restoring your 

Backup your iPhone: After resetting iPhone, all the data which is present on your iPhone will get deleted.Make sure that you have created backup of all the data which is present on your iPhone.; Remove Sim Card: Also, remove the SIM card present in your iPhone before you reset iPhone 5S device.; How to Hard Reset iPhone 5s with or without Passcode. We all know that factory reset iPhone might

Straightly Reset iPhone without iCloud Password (iOS 7) If your iPhone is still staying on old iOS versions, you can unlock directly on iPhone without any iCloud passoword, and then you can use iCloud to reset your device. Step 1. Firstly, go to Settings, click iCloud. Step 2. In this step, you are asked to fill in the password. Just enter several random numbers and click "Done". Step 3. It